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US Certificate Attestation in Dubai

USA Certificate Attestation in UAE

Documents and certificates issued from the USA must be attested to use in the UAE. UAE does not recognize documents from the USA without any attestation. Attestation from the USA Government will prove that a certificate or document is genuine. It also verifies the identity or profession of an individual through the certification.

Attestation and Apostille are also known as legalization or authentication. US birth certificates, marriage certificates, and degrees certificates are essential if you want to live, work, or study in the UAE. Documents of people from other countries need to go through the attestation process. Contact us today for apostille services and US birth certificate attestation in UAE.

US Certificate Attestation in Dubai

Attestation for US certificates must be fully attested in the US first, before UAE attestation. US attestation for UAE use is simple, but it is time-consuming. Most people hire Apostille and Attestation services experts to save their time. Benchmark Documents is one of the leading companies offering US certificate attestation in Dubai. We have been helping people looking for professional attestation services for many years now. People from different countries prefer us to our competitors because of the premium quality service at reasonable rates.

US Certificates – degree, transcript, marriage, birth, death, etc., need to be attested in the US first, then UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Steps to Follow for US Attestation for UAE use:


US Secretary of State will authenticate your certificate or document in the same state originally issued.


Countries that are members of the Hague Convention issue Apostille as their authentication. Apostille is an indication that authority has issued the signatures and seals on the certificates. After the Secretary of State, the next process is the verification by the Authentications Office of the US Department of State. An Apostille will be attached to your certificate.

For the completion of the process, these are the requirements:

  • All documents are translated from any foreign language to English
  • A request of Authentication Service Form no: DS-4194. Mention UAE in the Country of Use in section 4 of the said form

If you are in the US, you can walk in to have the attestation done on the same day. It is from 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM. If through email, the attestation will be done within 18 working days.


After Department of State authentication, you will send the document to UAE Embassy in Washington DC, USA. You can contact the UAE Embassy at the following address:

3522 International Court, NW.
Washington, DC 20008
Telephone: (202) 243-2400

UAE Embassy is the final step for US Attestation on your documents.

Lastly, attestation from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required. Once you have the stamps from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE, your documents are completely attested.

If you choose Benchmark Documents for your US certificate attestation in Dubai, you will only need to provide us with your: Original certificate and A copy of your passport

We will take care of the rest.
For Certificate Attestation process, contact us now at +971 50 474 1340.