Whether you want to move to the UAE or seeking admission at an international university, you will be required for some documentation – birth certificate attestation, educational documents attestation, marriage certificate attestation, and other legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A Bit about International Legalization Agreements

Document Authentication requirements vary from country to country. Some countries have made agreements that might allow them to proceed without any authentication—the Apostille Convention in October 1961 simplified the legalization of documents where only a single apostille stamp would suffice.

Planning Ahead

It would help if you planned when it comes to certificate attestation. For instance, if the document is written in a language other than English, French, or German, legal translation must be processed by a sworn translator.

Attestation Services in Dubai

This is where our legalization consultants in UAE in. We provide comprehensive, end-to-end attestation services. The expert team of professionals ensures that they meet all apostille and embassy legalization needs quickly and affordably.

Netherlands Certificate Attestation

Here’s how they go about certifying Netherlands documents:

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  • You send us your Dutch documents by courier, or we can arrange the document collection from your office or residence in Dubai
  • We receive them and process Translation to English by a sworn translator in the Netherlands
  • Next, we process notarization by a notary
  • After the Dutch translation and notarization process, we will send them to the local District Court for authentication
  • Then, our team will process the attestation of documents in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Finally, the attested documents are sent to the UAE Embassy in Hague, where the process is completed.

This is a standard procedure that our team generally employs. However, authorities can add specific steps depending on the nature of the document. For instance, educational documents will need to have a Ministry of Education attestation.

Why Choose Benchmark Attestation Services

We have streamlined the process to provide quick and efficient Netherlands certificate legalization services. Our team focuses on customer service and provides 24/7 support. We have established ourselves as credible authorities in the field with a team of professional experts.

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