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What is an apostille?

An apostille is a certificate that has the role of authenticating official seals, stamps, and signatures on documents issued by a public authority such as court orders, birth certificates, marriage certificates, degree certificates, and any other type of public documents issued to be used in another country. It is, however, important to note that apostille are accepted only in countries that are part of the Hague Convention.

UAE, however, is NOT a member of the Hague convention and as such; such a document needs to be certified by the foreign ministry of the issuing country and by the foreign ministry of UAE in order to have legal effect in UAE. The process is known as document attestation or legalization.

Document Attestation

The world is fast becoming a global village and as such, the need for people to travel abroad for reasons ranging from Business to Education, job hunt, marriage etc has greatly increased over time. Legal immigrants are always welcome all over the world and especially in UAE.  However, it can be a sad experience when/if you are denied a visa for your failure to get your certificates legalized or worse still, you successfully come into UAE just to discover that most of your certificates are not recognized. I believe you would like your documents to be recognized as genuine when you present them in the UAE.

Why you Need Document Attestation/Legalization

First off, you need to understand the fact that “document legalization/attestation” in UAE is meant to serve the same purpose as “apostille” does in Hague convention member countries. Since we have explained what an apostille is and how it works, I believe it is less difficult now to understand the term “Document attestation” as applicable in UAE. In other words, if you need to apply for admission into schools, apply for a work permit, apply for a work visa, do import/export business or apply for a residence permit in UAE, the first thing you will need to get done is your “document attestation.

This is because the UAE Government has made it a mandatory requirement that all your certificates; which include, but are not limited to: academic and non-academic certificates, certificates of craftsmanship, professional certifications, commercial certificates etc  issued outside UAE must first go through some rigorous screening and vetting processes for legalization before you can be considered for a Visa into UAE.

Processes involved for attestation of Documents in UAE

Since the documents that people can have are grouped into separate categories as below

  • Educational certificates
  • Non-educational documents
  • Commercial certificates

In order to get any of the above-mentioned documents attested, you will need to first get an authentication stamp from the ministry of foreign affairs in your country, after you legalize the document from the UAE Embassy in your country, thereafter, finally the ministry of foreign affairs attestation in UAE.

As you can see from the above breakdown, it is safe to say that document attestation in UAE is a near herculean task. The good side to the whole story though is the fact that BENCHMARK DOCUMENTS has got your back on this. We will help you do the entire dirty job involved in the process of document attestation for UAE and you can count on us for timely delivery of all attested documents. We do all these for you at highly competitive rates. This is the reason our clients keep referring more clients to us.

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