Your marriage certificate is a testimony of the fact that you legally married your partner and contains all the relevant details, such as the names of you and your spouse, the place where you got married, the wedding date, and other important information. For your marriage certificate to be valid in the UAE, you must process Marriage Certificate Attestation.

While countries that are members of the Hague Convention (Apostille countries) have the freedom to get an Apostille certificate that would stay valid in foreign countries, this isn’t the case with UAE. To live in the Emirates with your spouse, you must undergo the authentication of marriage certificates.

Why You Need US Marriage Certificate Attestation

While the UAE is one of the most popular places for US businessmen, veterans, and expats to move to, its traditions and cultural values differ from those adopted in the United States. You’ll be required to abide by different legal obligations when you move to the UAE. This includes having a valid and legalized marriage certificate if you plan to live with your spouse. Fail to have one, and you may have to deal with consequences.

You need to process the legalization of US Marriage Certificates for use in UAE when you move there with your spouse. Apart from this, marriage certificate authentication is also required if you are:

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  • Applying for a spouse or family residency visa
  • Applying for a child’s passport
  • Adding your spouse’s name to yours or your child’s passport
  • Applying for adoption
  • Applying for divorce
  • Buying a joint property with your spouse
  • Listing your spouse for health benefits & insurance

In addition to these, you may also need a marriage certificate for other purposes. Not having a legalized copy can bar you from availing of certain services and put you through quite an ordeal, whereas with an authenticated copy, you can sail through the requirements.

Required Documents for Authenticating US Marriage Certificates

For you to have your US-issued marriage certificate attested, you’ll need:

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  • Your original marriage certificate as issued in the United States
  • Copies of both your and your spouse’s passport

Which Authorities Do You Need to Contact for Verification?

As is the case with many other types of documents that require attestation, you’ll also need to contact multiple departments and ministries for your marriage certificate legalization. These include:

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  • US Department of State
  • UAE Embassy in Washington DC
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE