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The UAE credits much of its growth and development over the last three decades to the millions of expatriates who call the country home. Around 90% of the UAE’s population comprises foreign nationals from all over the world—that’s a massive number.

Expats work in every industrial sector, including construction, healthcare, hospitality, tourism, and more. They’ve helped the country survive economic recessions and other hurdles by stimulating the economy.

Over the last decade or so, the UAE has made it easier for expatriates to start businesses in the country by introducing various “free zones” in its major cities.

Expatriates can not only take advantage of job/business opportunities here, but they also get to enjoy tax-free living and better quality of life in a relatively peaceful country.

Even during the coronavirus recession, Abu Dhabi is turning to expatriates to stabilize the economy by making life more affordable for them. In September 2020, the UAE launched a 5-year Retirement Visa to attract wealthy expatriates and encourage them to retire there.

As a country that lures millions of expatriates and tourists every year, the UAE has developed a strict visa approval system to limit fraud and protect local organizations by ensuring they’re hiring the best talent.

Attestation Requirements in the UAE

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Expatriates who move to the UAE for higher education, business, or employment purposes are required to submit attested legal documents as proof of the authenticity of their request.

Many countries that welcome expatriates require attested documentation to ensure that the paperwork submitted by visa applicants is legitimate and valid. The attestation requirements limit fraud and assure companies that they’re hiring qualified individuals who have the necessary educational credentials.

Student Visa

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Those looking to pursue higher education in the UAE are required to submit attested degree certificates and attested transfer certificates as proof of previous schooling.

Employment Visa

Expatriates who are coming to the country for employment purposes must submit attested educational documents, including certificates and diplomas.

Family Visa

If expatriates wish to relocate their families to the UAE, they must submit an attested marriage certificate for their spouse and an attested birth certificate for every child. The attested documents for the spouse and children are needed to obtain a Family Residence Visa for your family.

Once the attestation documents are complete, your company’s Public Relations department can apply for a residence visa.

Business Visa

Entrepreneurs who are looking to launch a business in the UAE are required to submit attested commercial documents to apply for a business visa.

Here’s everything you need to know about the attestation process in the UAE:

Importance of Attestation

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It’s become way too easy for people to make fake documents in an attempt to enter other countries. Verifying the legitimacy of official papers just by looking at them isn’t possible anymore.

During the attestation process, each federal and state entity verifies the details listed on the documents and cross-checks it with any other information it has access to. Once the information checks out, they declare it as legitimate by signing and giving it their seal of approval.

Applicants are required to submit original and duplicate copies of all documents. Please note that only duplicate copies are signed and stamped; original documents are returned in the same condition they were submitted.

The Attestation Process

Attestation of legal certificates in the UAE is a lengthy process that involves multiple steps. Your documents will make several stops before they are safely returned to you:

Let’s look at the stages of document attestation:

Notary Attestation

This step isn’t required for all countries, but it is for some. Your legal documents may have to be legalized by the Public Notary in the country where your documents were issued. You can find a notary near government offices and in courts.

The notary checks the document thoroughly before placing their seal of approval on it.

Home Department Attestation

Again, this step doesn’t apply to all countries. In some countries, you may be required to submit documents to the Home Department for attestation. You’ll hand over the original and copy of your documents, and an officer will check it.

Ministry of Education

All educational documents must be submitted to the Ministry of Education to guarantee their legitimacy. The documents will be reviewed by an officer who will stamp the copy.

Students who are applying to school and universities in the UAE must get their degree certificates and transfer certificates attested.

Chamber of Commerce Attestation

Business-related legal documents must be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce for attestation.

Ministry of External Affairs

The Ministry of External Affairs in the issuing country verifies the documents and permits the holder to use them overseas.

UAE Embassy

The UAE Embassy is the final stop for documents in the issuing country. The embassy verifies the legitimacy of the documents by ensuring that all local authorities have given their approval.

The embassy will provide a seal of attestation on the copies of your documents; the seal declares that the documents have been thoroughly verified and are legitimate and valid.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

After all the authorities in the issuing country have attested the documents, they will make one final stop at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs verifies the documents, after which it can be used to apply for a visa.

Hiring Professional Attestation Services in Dubai

Because the document attestation process requires dealing with various departments, ministries, embassies/consulates, and MOFA UAE, it can be stressful and time-consuming.  Any mistake during the attestation process can lead to you having to start again, wasting time and effort.

Instead of getting the papers attested yourself, consider hiring professional attestation services to do the running around for you.

Attestation companies in the UAE are aware of all changes to the law and the latest requirements. They know when special approvals and translations are required; they can get your legal documents attested correctly and in time for your visa application.

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