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Birth Certificate Attestation

A birth certificate is the only form of identification that your child has. Until they turn 18 and are officially recognized as adult citizens, any registration forms and applications need to be filled out in light of the information on their birth certificates.

The birth certificate is recognition of the fact that a child is a member of the society and as such is required to be protected by the laws of the country. These will be used to fill out their educational documents, passports and other very important registration certificates. If you’re moving to the UAE, it is absolutely essential that you get your child’s birth certificates attested so that there are no issues in their long term settlement.

When you decide to make the move to the country, the birth certificate is one of the most important documents that you should get attested in addition to your marriage certificates.

As with most bureaucratic procedures, getting birth certificates attested can be a time consuming procedure. These will require multiple trips to embassies, consulates and any other official authorities before you get verified copies of your child’s identification documents.

BenchMark Attestation Services in Dubai provide expedited attestation services through their global networks of agents and connections in relevant public organizations. Our agents are all thoroughly trained in the requirements and the procedures involved in getting your documents processed. As such, we are fully capable of getting your documents back to you at the earliest possible convenience.

Procedure and Documentation Requirements

For those who are not aware of the documentation and the procedural requirements of attestation, this section will tell you all the things you need to know to get your attestation is finalized.

When you get in touch with our agents, we will need you to send us some documents required for the process, these include:

  • The original copy of the birth certificate
  • A copy of the child’s passport
  • Copies of the passport’s of both the parents
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Authorization letter for the verification from the relevant authorities (Usually the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the home country)

Upon successful collection of these documents, our agents will initiate the following procedures to get your attestations processed:

  • The original birth certificate will be attested by the administrative authorities responsible for issuing the birth certificate in the country of origin.
  • Upon successful attestation from the regulatory authority, the certificate goes to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the native country.
  • When these are attested by the MoFA, they are sent ahead to the consulate or the embassy in the country which requires the attested documents (The embassy of the UAE in the country of origin)

Once all of these attestations have been completed you will receive a copy of documentation that will be valid in the UAE.

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