Birth certificates are basically the only form of identification for a child. It contains the legal name of the child, place of birth and the names of the parents. As such, a birth certificate is an essential part of any applications you fill out for your child in the future. At least until they come of age.

A birth certificate is categorized as a non-educational/personal document, an important distinction since it decides which relevant authorities are going to process the attestation. Usually personal documentation is sent ahead to different government ministries and authorities before the attestation is completed. These authorities include:

  • The Government from the Country of Origin.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Country of Origin.
  • The Embassy of the Country of origin in the new country.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which asked for the attested copy.
  • Department for Foreign Affairs and International Trade for the country asking for the copy.

During the process of attestation, your documentation passes through checks and balances enforced by each of these departments. BenchMark Attestation Services in Dubai can help you with the attestation procedures, by taking on the hassle involved in dealing with government agencies.

Our agents are thoroughly professional in getting attestation for various kinds of documentation, including birth certificates. We make sure that our customer representatives are within reach 24 hours a day for any questions that our clients might have about the procedures or the progress of their applications.

The Process For Attestation

In order for us to get your certificates attested, we will require you to present us with the following documents:

  • Original Copy of the Birth Certificate
  • Copy of the National Identity Cards of the parents’
  • The parents’ passport copies
  • Copy of the visa of the applicant and their parents’ as well.
  • Authorization letters requesting the attestation of the birth certificate.
  • Passport sized photographs.

Once you’ve submitted these documents, our agents will follow through with the whole attestation procedure, which is as follows:

  1. All the relevant documentation and birth certificates are submitted to the government department that issued the certificate in the first place. This is to have the country of origin attest the document.
  2. Once the documents have been attested, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin is contacted to verify the attestation. They make a record of the person who did the attestation.
  3. Once the attestation and the verification is completed, the embassy of the country of origin is requested to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to finalize the reception of documents by the ministry.
  4. The documents are received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country asking for the attested documents.

This is the final step in the procedure and marks the completion of the attestation process. Once the Ministry approves the attestation, the birth certificates are sent back to you.

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    Being a one-stop service provider for a wide range of certificate attestation needs in the UAE, Benchmark Attestation also offers birth certificate attestation services. The birth certificate is a vital document, which is needed for official purposes in many instances. For residence visas and other UAE legal processes, the birth certificate must be attested like any other documents. Birth certificate attestation for UAE is mandatory as it confirms the authenticity of the certificate. The process of birth certificate attestation starts from the embassy in the origin country, where the documents of the individual are issued. Then finally, it is attested by the ministry of foreign affairs Dept in the UAE. Like attestation of any certificate in Dubai, all personal documents, professional and academic qualifications, and other legal documents have to be authenticated & legalized before any useful purpose in the UAE.