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Canada legalization of Documents for UAE

If your certificates have been issued in Canada, and you need to use them in the UAE, you’ll have to get them attested from the concerned government departments and the UAE Embassy in Canada. The process comprises three steps as outlined below:

  1. Authentication of documents Canada Global Affairs ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs )
  2. UAE Embassy Legalisation from Ottawa, Canada
  3. Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai, UAE.

Here it’s important to note that the UAE Embassy attests degrees only when they are issued by Canadian Institutions.

Procedure Involved in the Canada Certificate Attestation from UAE Embassy

Broadly, there are there are three types of certificates that require to be attested. The procedure for attestation of the below documents differs slightly:

  • Educational certificates
  • Non-educational documents
  • Commercial certificates

Step # 1 Authentication from the Global Affairs Canada (Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Canada)

The Global Affairs Canada (GAC) works under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it’s also known as DFAIT. The department is accountable for the authentication of the documents from different provinces, which are basically meant to be used outside of Canada. It’s based in Ottawa, Ontario.

It authenticates as well as checks birth and marriage certificates in Canada, educational documents, criminal records, and also documents originating from a foreign country. You can’t produce your birth certificate with an apostille Canada if it’s not authenticated by the DFAIT. The UAE Embassy will put its seal only after certificates have been certified by the DFTAD.

Step # 2 Legalization from UAE Embassy in Ottawa, Canada

There is a well-defined process for the Canada legalization of documents. Your certificates are sent to the UAE Embassy in Ottawa, which attaches a certificate of legalisation to your certificates post approval. However, you should ensure Request for Authentication Services form is duly completed.

The pre-requisites for the submission of your documents to the UAE Embassy in Ottawa are as follows:

  • The certificates must be authorised by the DFAIT.
  • They should be notarized by an authorized Notary Public.
  • They must contain a prepaid return envelope of Canada Post.

The documents can be submitted between 9:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

Step # 3 Attestation From Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai, UAE

Once the legalization of documents in Canada is over, they are sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE for authentication. It is to be noted that there are a separate set of rules and guidelines for the legalization process.

As it’s obvious, the procedure and time required for the validation and gathering of the documents can be overwhelming. It can be done at your own level, but there will always be a possibility of missing a step or making a mistake, which could cause unwarranted time delays and wasteful expenses.
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