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University graduate waiting in line for a degree certificate.

People who are moving to another country for business, employment, or retirement purposes need to prove to immigration officials that their documents are legitimate.

Degree certifications from other countries need to be authenticated via the attestation process, if the holder is to apply for an employment visa or student visa in the UAE. These documents can only be submitted as part of a visa application after they have been attested correctly.

The attestation process confirms your credentials, and queries your future school/university and your employer about your qualifications.

In a country like the UAE, where around 90% of the population comprises expatriates, verifying credentials is a critical part of the visa process, which is why there is such a stringent document attestation procedure in place.

Overview of Degree Certificate Attestation in the UAE

Document attestation stamp.

The degree attestation process can be complicated for those who aren’t familiar with it. The process also varies from country to country; degree attestation is much simpler in some places than others. For example, if you’re in the issuing country, your documents will first need to be authenticated by local government bodies.

UAE Embassy

After the local authorities put their stamp of approval on the degree certificate, it will need to be submitted to the UAE embassy/consulate in the issuing country.

The embassy or consulate will check whether the degree certificate has been stamped by a government body.

MOFA Attestation

Once you’ve received the initial stamp of approval, you will be able to go to the UAE on a temporary visa. Bear in mind that the attestation process is still incomplete at this point.

Upon reaching the UAE, you will have to head down to the  Ministry of foreign affairs dubai attestation (MOFA) and submit the original degree certificate, along with a copy.

What Happens When You’re Now in the Issuing Country?

Things get slightly more complex when you’re in the issuing country.

You have two options; you can choose to get the documents attested from your country’s embassy and then send it to the Foreign Affairs department to verify that the embassy attestation is genuine.


You could send the documents to the issuing country and let a third party complete the attestation process on your behalf.


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