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With globalization, increased exposure to technology, and the rising demand for human resources, Indians have many opportunities to travel abroad, particularly UAE. Whether the opportunity is educational, business or personal, it is crucial that you follow the correct attestation procedure. When you produce your Indian certificates, you want the particular country to recognize it as a genuine document to facilitate you, so that you can successfully acquire the required visa.

The Need for Document Attestation

If you want to pursue higher education or apply for a family residence visa, local professional jobs, seek admission in schools, or import and export goods in the UAE, then getting your documents attested is the first step of this long process.

It is required by the UAE government to get all your educational, professional, academic, non-educational, commercial and personal documents that have been issued in India to be attested and authenticated by the Indian Consulate or Embassy in the UAE. This is then followed by the attestation of the Ministry of Foreign affairs of UAE, before finally granting a visa.

The Attestation Process for Different Documents

There is an attestation procedure depending on the kind of document that you want to get attested. The documents may be educational, non-educational, or commercial, and each one of them is required to follow the proper protocol for attestation.

Attestation of Educational Certificates

Educational documents include mark sheets, school certificates, School Transfer Certificate (TC), diploma certificates, degree certificates, Post-Graduation degree certificates and the like.
If you want to get any of these documents attested, first you need to get them attested by the Notary Public of Mumbai, India, before they are authenticated by the Home Department Mantralaya of Mumbai, India. Usually, the respective states carry out the HRD attestation. After this, the document needs to be attested by the following entities in likewise manner:

Notary Public
of Mumbai, India
Home Department Mantralaya of Mumbai IN
Ministry of external Affairs in New Delhi, IN
UAE Embassy, New Delhi,
Ministry of Foreign, Affairs, UAE

Attestation of Non- Educational Certificates

Certificates such as Power of Attorney, divorce, death, birth and marriage come under non-educational certificates and have to be attested through the outlined process.
Any certificate that you need to be attested has to be first verified by the Notary Public of Mumbai, India. Then you have to get the seal verified by the Home Department Mantralaya of Mumbai, India. After that, you should proceed to get the document attested by the UAE Consulate in Mumbai, India and then the Ministry of Foreign affairs, UAE.

Notary Public of
Mumbai, India
Home Department Mantralaya of Mumbai India
UAE Consulate in
Mumbai, India
Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, UAE

Attestation of Commercial Certificates

Commercial certificates include trade licenses, Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Incorporation, Commercial Invoice, Articles of Associations and Memorandums.
To get your commercial certificates attested, you have to first get them verified by the Chamber of Commerce in New Delhi, followed by attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi. Then your documents have to be further verified by the UAE Embassy in New Delhi. Once you are done with these verifications, the last attestation is by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE.

Notary Public & Home Dept of Mantralaya Mumbai, India
Ministry of external Affairs in New Delhi, India
UAE Embassy in
New Delhi
Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, UAE

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