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As an expatriate-friendly nation, the UAE a strict authentication procedure in place for people from every country. The purpose of the certificate attestation procedure is to verify the legitimacy and validation of legal documents.

As an Indian looking to relocate to the UAE for employment, business, or higher education purposes, you’re required to submit attested certificates to prove that they are genuine and legitimate.

The certificate attestation process can get overwhelming for those who’re new to it, but attestation services like Benchmark Attestation in Dubai can complete it in a matter of days.

Indian wanting to move to the UAE will need to go through the following certificate attestation procedure:

Option 1

Your degree certificate will first need to be authenticated by your state’s Higher Education Department (HRD).

Once your state has verified the certificate, you’ll submit it to the UAE embassy in India.

When the embassy has authenticated your documents, they’ll need to be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

Option 2:

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The second option is to begin with the notarization of your documents in India. A notary will verify your identity and signature. You can even choose to get your Indian certificate legalized through the Home Department and the Ministry of External Affairs.

Once you receive the documents from the local bodies, you can submit your documents to the Ministry of foreign affairs Dubai attestation (MOFA) in the UAE. MOFA will look at the notarized documents and the UAE embassy’s stamp of approval.

The MOFA is the final stage of approval in the attestation process.

Documents Required for Indian Certificate Attestation for the UAE:

  • Original certificates (in some cases, a higher education institute may also demand attested university transcripts/grade reports)
  • Passport copies and passport photos
  • Authorization letters (only in some cases)

Hiring Professional Attestation Services

It can be difficult to navigate the attestation process when you aren’t aware of the prerequisites and requirements.

Benchmark Attestation Services offers comprehensive attestation services for people looking to relocate to the UAE and take advantage of all the exciting opportunities it offers.

We’re experts at attesting Indian certificates. We know exactly what needs to be done to get your certificates attested in a matter of days. We boast a 100% success rate, so you can count on us to get your certificates attested fast.

Benchmark Attestation is fully committed to serving people looking to move to the UAE to ensure they can improve their quality of life.