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Indian Document Attestation in UAE- What Do You Have to Do?

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Are you planning on moving to the UAE? Have you got your documents attested?

The United Arab Emirates requires all its immigrants (including Indians) to get their documents attested before they enter the country. This kind of verification ensures that the applicant has all their legal papers in proper order. It is so that they can be considered as an eligible candidate for visa application.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are entering Dubai (or the neighboring cities) for educational purpose, career opportunities or for any
other reason. Every single Indian immigrant has to get their important documents attested.

This is why we suggest that you hire specialists like Benchmark Documents that provide services like Indian document attestation in UAE. Not only will they assist you in this rather difficult task but they’ll also speed up the process.

Now, that we’ve nudged you in the right direction, let’s look at what you have to do get your Indian documents attested.

The Documentation: What Do You Need for Your Indian Document Attestation?

You already know that the authorities in the UAE need you to attest some legal documents. This includes certificates, degrees, and legal
papers that have been issued in India. Naturally, this means that the initial verification will be performed by the Indian government. Once that is done, the Indian documents will be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE to finalize the attestation.

You might be wondering what kinds of document are required for this process. In order to simplify the requirement list, it has been
divided into two sections:

Here is the list of main non-educational documents needed for attestation:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Employment/Experience Certificate
  • Single Status Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Indian Power Of Attorney Certificate

Here is the list of main educational documents required for Indian degree certificate attestation in Dubai:

  • School Certificate
  • School Transfer Certificate
  • Diploma/Degree Certificate
  • Post Graduation Certificates and Degrees
  • The Mark Sheets for Respective Years (usually
    the final year is taken into consideration)

Apart from that, there are some commercial documents required by the UAE government. However, this is only necessary when the
candidate aims to visit on an employment visa or for personal business ventures.

Other than that, the applicant is required to attach supplementary documents. This includes things like passport size photographs
and photocopies of other essentials (e.g. passport, identity cards). Moreover, if the applicant is a child then the government requires photocopies of identification from their parents/guardians.

On the whole, you’ll have to be meticulous and really thorough when you apply for a visa in the UAE. Of course, the attestation
requirements may differ according to your reason for the visit.

The Process: How Do Your Indian Documents Get Attested?

Let’s give you a brief overview of what takes place when you submit your Indian documents for attestation.

Indian Degree Certificate Attestation in Dubai:

  1. Notary Public of Mumbai, India
  2. Home Department Mantralaya of Mumbai, India
  3. Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi, India
  4. UAE Embassy in New Delhi, India
  5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE

Basically, your visa application is taken into consideration only after these five places have attested your educational documents. There is
a similar process that takes place for Indian birth certificate attestation and Indian marriage attestation in Dubai.

In a nutshell, the attestation of Indian documents can be quite an exhausting process. This is especially true for people that are trying
to arrange a residence visa in UAE for their families back in India. You’ll mostly be put on hold, be asked to visit one different department after another and be requested to stand in line for hours.

However, this might not be the case if you hire an attestation service in Dubai.

Contact us at 04-3961284 to get your Indian documents attested!

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