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Italy Document Attestation

Located at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy is an amazing country. However, you might be looking for work or education opportunity outside of the country. Before you get on with the process, you will have to get attestation for your documents.

Attestation provides genuineness to your documents. It eases the process for international travel. It’s a legal necessity for personal or career-related visits.

Some Types of Documents that Need to Be Attested

Here are some types of documents that will need to be attested before you can visit UAE:

  • Affidavit,
  • Birth certificate,
  • Experience certificate,
  • Marriage certificate,
  • Migration certificate, and so on.

Attestation of Italian Documents – How Benchmark Attestation Services Can Help

The process of attestation for Italian documents can be quite lengthy. We at Benchmark Attestation Services can help. We have a team of professionals who streamline the process and take the hassles out of it. We make sure that we make it as simple as we can.

What the Process Involves

You might be wondering what exactly to expect through our services. Let’s take you step-by-step through the process:

  • First up, we will need original certificates and copy of your passport. This will get us going. You can send them to us by courier and we will have them collected.
  • Your documents will be sent to the Prosecutor’s office (Procura della Republica). Here, the legalization process would begin.
  • After this, the documents will be sent to the UAE embassy. At the front, a legislation certificate will be attached.
  • Finally, your documents will be sent to UAE and here, they will be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

This is generally how the process is like. The process might vary slightly depending on the nature of documents. For instance, some of the documents will need to be translated and notarized.

Why Choose Benchmark Attestation Services

We have a team of dedicated professionals who constantly keep growing. Our support team stays alert round the clock and provides high-quality customer services. Over the years, we have established ourselves as credible authorities in the field. Also, our complementary services include free picking, shipping and delivery!

Contact us to get your Italian documents attested!

Benchmark Documents Services

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Benhmark Attestation services are considered amongst some of the best attestation services in Dubai and the UAE. With our networks in public institutions across the world, we can have your attestation completed within a matter of days without you having to put in any effort at all. Some reasons why you should think of working with Benchmark Attestation include:

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