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Italian Certificate Attestation in the UAE

Being a center for business and trade in the Middle East, the UAE attracts thousands of expats from across the world to migrate for professional purposes. Such an open immigration system demands that a degree of stringency is exercised when it comes to regulation via when it comes to paperwork and documentation.

All formal paperwork and documentation including educational certificates needed for use within the UAE must be accredited/authenticated (formally recognized) and cross referenced before use.

Lacking authentication may result in problems seeking employment, objections from schools and educational institutions and trouble with surety when it comes to renting real estate for purposes of lodging.

Without the required authenticated documentation, it can be extremely difficult, if not next to impossible, to get around within the UAE which is why attestation of all your certificates and documents is highly recommended.

Legalization of Italian Documents

If you are an expat of Italian nationality residing in the UAE, all documents that were issued to you in your home country will need to be legalized by your embassy. This is a long and time consuming process which requires collection, organizing and submission of relevant documents along with cover letters to the Italian Embassy. Following processing from your embassy, the same documents will need to be submitted to locally responsible authenticating government bodies such as the ministry of foreign affairs for further validation. You may also be requested to provide additional documentation and will have to send in your papers to the correct official body depending on where your documents were issued in Italy.

In order to make your life simpler, we offer effective document attestation services for Italian Nationals looking to have Italian documents legalized for use. Documents we require from your end include:

  • The original document to be legalized
  • Copies of the document to be legalized
  • Passport Copy
  • Original Passport
  • Photographs
  • Letter of Authority

Once your file has been completed, we take your letters and documents to the relevant local and foreign authorities for processing.

Your documents will then be transferred to your local Prosecutors office or to the respective provincial prefecture where authentication will commence. Following authentication, your documents will be returned to the local UAE embassy where they will be further certified. Once this is done, the ministry of foreign affairs will provide the final authentification after which your documents will be valid for use and will be returned to you.

We ensure that all required documents are authenticated and that signatures and seals necessary are all obtained. Once all your documents have been officially validated, we proceed to return your entire file to you, thus saving you time and energy so you may focus on other obligations.

If you require Italian certificate or document attestation within the UAE for official purposes, connect with us now and we’ll do the rest!

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