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The UAE has a significant population of Pakistani citizens who are settled in the country for employment or business purposes.

Like all expatriates in the UAE, Pakistani expatriates also have to undergo MOFA attestation. All legal documents (personal, civil, and commercial) must be attested by various civil entities and the UAE Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan. After certificates have been attested in Pakistan, they will need to be attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What Documents Must Be Attested?

  • Educational degree certificates (university degrees, Intermediate/Matriculation certificates)
  • Marriage registration certificate
  • Nikkahnama certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Diploma attestation

Who Attests Certificates in Pakistan?

  • University certificates are authenticated by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and MOFA in Pakistan.
  • The IBCC and MOFA legalize Intermediate/Matriculation certificates in Pakistan.
  • The Union Council in Pakistan issues the Marriage Registration Certificates (MRC). These are authenticated by the UAE Embassy in Pakistan before being legalized by the UAE MOFA.
  • Birth Certificates are also issued by the Union Council. They’re attested by MOFA in Pakistan and then the UAE Consulate.

To get these documents attested, you’ll need to submit the original certificate along with copies and colored copies of your passport and CNIC.

MOFA Attestation

The UAE certificate attestation process isn’t complete without attestation from the Ministry of foreign affairs Dubai attestation in the UAE. The ministry oversees the attestation of all documents and provides the final stamp of approval.

Should You Hire Professional Attestation Services?Stamp on Pakistani certificate.

Hiring professional attestation services simplifies the legalization process. When getting your certificates attested yourself, you’ll need to make all the copies, manage all the documents, and mail or drop/pick them up, but when you hire a document attestation company, you can count on them to get the job done on time, with minimal involvement from you.

Attestation companies are up-to-date with the changing rules and regulations of the UAE. They’re familiar with the requirements of all the legal authorities involved in the certificate attestation procedure. These companies have a vast network of associates that work for them, allowing them to get your Pakistani documents attested quickly and safely.

If you’re a Pakistani looking to relocate to the UAE for higher education, employment, or business purposes, contact a document attestation firm near you.


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