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Burj Visa in Dubai

The UAE provides expatriates with incredible opportunities. Expats with high paying jobs and thriving businesses can enjoy lavish lifestyles packed with entertainment.

Employers in the UAE hire the top talent from all over the globe and entice them with lucrative packages and tax-free living in one of the world’s most happening places.

That being said, the UAE is an Islamic country that has strict rules in place to ensure its values and traditions are respected by tourists and expatriates living in the country.

If you’re looking to relocate to the UAE, here are some things you need to be aware of before you begin the attestation process for your visa:

Dress Code

People waiting for the Dubai Fountain.

There’s no doubt that the UAE is one of the most liberal countries in the Arabian Gulf, but it still has a fairly strict dress code—especially in public places with families.

See-through, low-cut, and short clothing is considered inappropriate for shopping malls, amusement parks for families, restaurants, and other indoor public places.

Both men and women are expected to dress respectfully. Men can’t expose their chests (unless they’re at the beach) and can’t wear very short clothes.

Premarital Relations

Any explicit act of premarital relations in a public space is a criminal offense in the UAE. Laws pertaining to premarital relations apply to local citizens and expatriates. Everyone is expected to abide by these rules.

Public Display of Affection (PDA)

The UAE has stringent laws about public display of affection. You can hug and holds hands without offending anyone, but don’t let it get past that.

Drinking in Public

Drinking in the UAE is limited to licensed bars, clubs, and restaurants. You can’t do it in shopping malls, public beaches, or family restaurants.

Expats are perfectly within their right to purchase alcohol from legal stores and drink in the privacy of their homes whenever they want.

These are just a few things you must keep in mind when moving to the UAE. The laws may seem strict, but it’s allowed the country to welcome people from all corners of the world without compromising its values.

Around 90% of the UAE’s population is made up of expatriates, making it one of the most diverse nations on the planet.

The country continues to welcome expatriates looking to improve their quality of life. It recently announced a 5-year Retirement Visa for wealthy foreign nationals who wish to retire in the UAE.

Attestation Services in the UAE

Whether you’re looking to retire, start a business, or pursue higher education in the UAE, you will be required to submit attested legal documents for your visa application.

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