For those of you who are considering travelling to Dubai with your documents, you might want to know that this country has the most apostille services in the world. If you’re planning on something like opening a bank account, studying abroad, or applying for a visa, then it would be best if you contact an embassy and get it done there. Plus, they will usually charge less and can offer their expertise in understanding the process- which is super helpful when dealing with such complicated applications.


Apostille services in Dubai are offered by the Dubai Foreign Ministry, which has an existing protocol for this. And every document that needs to be translated will pass through this office before it can be sent to the ministry’s legal department for approval. While this process does take time, your documents will be translated free of charge (which is why many people go to Dubai first!)


The other thing you’ll need to do if you’re sending documents through an embassy is include a certificate of apostille, which you should find at your local post office. If the Post Office doesn’t sell it directly, they might be able to order one for you through their website or using the contact form on their website. It’s important that the document you’re using is an original. So, if you’re using a photocopy, then you need to either go back to the country where it was issued and find out if they can make a new one or pay for a new one.


To get things done in Dubai:

It’s important to know that different embassies and consulates have their own processes and requirements for what documents need to be apostilled and what can be translated directly. So before you jump on travel plans, make sure you contact the consulate or embassy in question to get detailed information about what they’ll need from you before they offer their services.

If you find out you need to use the Dubai Foreign Ministry as your apostille service, then it will take about four to six weeks to get your documents translated. If it takes longer, you can contact them and they can get an updated estimation for you.

Regardless of whether or not your documents are translated or not, this process will cost the same amount since the Dubai Foreign Ministry is required by law to be responsible for these services.

Individuals who are planning on visiting or moving to Dubai are required to have their documents translated for them for various reasons. These include getting a visa, applying for a job, applying for school, opening a bank account, among others.

If you’re planning on doing any of these things, then it’s best if you contact the embassy in question and get detailed information about what you need to do before they can help you.

All apostille services in Dubai require that your document is an original copy that has either been issued in this particular country or Apostilled by the Department of State.