As a country bursting with all sorts of opportunities that offer growth, comfort, and leisure, the UAE has become one of the most popular places for US residents to relocate to. Be it business, higher education, or the land of sun and sand that attracts you to the Emirates; however, no move is complete without attestation of relevant documents.

What Documents Will You Need When Relocating To UAE?

As is the case with moving to any other foreign city, you need to have all your important documents by your side before you move to the UAE. These may vary depending on the nature of your move. For instance, an individual moving from the US to the UAE solely for employment purposes will need to carry specific documents that may differ from what an ex-pat may be required to bring.

Your plans for residency and employment largely influence which documents you need for relocation. For the most part, however, these include professional licenses, work credentials, academic certifications, and other personal certificates. Examples of documents you’ll typically be asked to carry with you include:

  • Federal documents such as those issued by the FDA, EPA, or US Homeland Security
  • Commercial export documents such as commercial invoices and packing lists
  • Corporate documents such as authorization letters, business licenses, affidavits, and agency agreements
  • Personal documents such as your birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, and death certificates of family members

How Does Document Attestation for UAE Work?

Getting all of the aforementioned documents attested to the UAE is a tedious process. This is because while many countries accept documents that have been authorized through a certification called the Apostille, the UAE does not. The Apostille certificate prevents people from having to verify documents when they move to another country that’s also a member of The Hague Convention. Since the UAE doesn’t have a membership, Apostille certificates aren’t accepted or recognized here.

To have your documents officially recognized or “legalized”, you need to get them attested. This authentication process involves getting in touch with the relevant authorities not only in the US but also in the UAE. These include bodies such as the US Department of State, the UAE Embassy in the US, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in both the UAE and the US, to name a few.

Considering the back and forth involved in this procedure, getting your US-issued documents attested for the UAE can be quite overwhelming. This is why you need to seek assistance from professional US authentication services.

Benchmark Attestation can help you through the document attestation process. Our experienced attestation experts help US residents get all their US-issued documents certified through the proper procedures, without them having to undergo any complex task personally. Our quick and affordable US Apostille services will get the job done in the least amount of time, tackling everything from the UAE MOFA attestation to the US department of state authentication.

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