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US Degree Attestation for UAE

If you have obtained your degree certificate outside the UAE, it has to be attested in the country of issue. Therefore, anyone looking to work in the UAE or to apply for family residency or move to the country higher education will have to get their degree attested by different regulatory bodies, departments and ministries. This is done in order to verify the authenticity of the document before you apply to the UAE government for visa processing. The overall procedure of the US degree attestation in Dubai is tedious and time-consuming since you require complying with a host of regulations as prescribed by different government authorities.

We have outlined the procedure in detail so that you can follow the whole process on your own if you want. However, there is a good chance that you’ll make a mistake or miss a step, which will lead to the wastage of both your time and money. That’s why many people prefer to take the help of an expert agency for US certificate attestation in Dubai.

Process for Attestation of US Degree Certificate for UAE

The whole process can be divided into five major steps that include:

  1. Getting Certified True Copy from the Notary Public, USA
  2. Authentication from Secretary of State, USA
  3. Attestation from Dept. of State, USA
  4. Legalisation from UAE Embassy Washington DC, USA
  5. Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai, UAE

Step # 1 Getting Certified True Copy from the Notary Public, USA

A notary public in the United States is a state government-authorized person whose role is to act as an impartial witness when original documents are copied and signed. This is the first stage of the entire process. After you get a confirmation that your copy matches with the original degree certificate, you can attach the copy of a Notarial certificate that states that the copy is accurate and true.

The problem is that not all notaries in the USA can do this job. Therefore, it’s better to take the help of a professional document attestation company that takes care of this.

Step # 2 Authentication from Secretary of State, USA

Next, you will be required to get your document authenticated by the Secretary of State of the concerned state from where the degree was obtained.

Step # 3 Attestation from Department of State, USA

The Department of State is accountable for signing and issuing certificates under the Seal of the U.S. Department of State. This department provides centralised authentication services to all U.S. citizens residing in different states.

Step # 4 Legalisation from UAE Embassy Washington DC, USA

Penultimately, you need to send the certificate to the UAE Embassy in Washington DC for legalisation.

Step # 5 Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai, UAE

This is the last step of the US degree attestation procedure. Once your documents are legalized by the UAE Embassy in the USA, they should be returned to the UAE to be attested at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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