South African Document Attestation

When moving to the United Arab Emirates, you’ll need to attest South African documents. This is required to verify your paperwork and make it legal for use in the UAE. Attestation is necessary for several documents such as birth, death, & marriage certificates, academic certificates, employment letters, and other documents of personal or commercial nature.

However, the attestation process may vary for each of these depending on the kind of document in question as well as what you require them for. For instance, South African degree attestation is done from the Department of Higher Education, followed by the Department of International Relations and Co-operation (DIRCO). It may also then be attested from the relevant UAE authority, for instance, the UAE Consulate in South Africa. On the other hand, attesting a work permit will likely follow similar procedures but with slight variations.

What Authorities Need to Be Contacted for South African Document Attestation?

The attestation process requires the collaboration of multiple governing bodies and authorities both within South Africa and the UAE. In South Africa, the following organizations need to be contacted:

  • Department of Education: All your certificates acknowledging your academic qualifications must be verified by the DOE in South Africa. These include documents like degrees, transcripts, and school leaving certificates.
  • Notary Public: Personal certificates such as birth and marriage certificates in South Africa need to be attested from the Notary Public before being sent ahead for further attestation.
  • Department of International Relations and Cooperation: Next, the DIRCO attests educational and other personal documents.
  • UAE Embassy: The documents are then sent to the UAE Consulate in South Africa for attestation.

For attestation in the UAE, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the most prominent authority to be contacted. In addition to this, you may also need to get your documents issued in South Africa attested from other departments and governing bodies in UAE. A legal translation may also be required for certain or all documents in some cases.

To avoid getting the attestation process wrong, make sure you get the assistance of an attestation service to help you navigate the various procedures. They’ll be able to guide you about which relevant documents you need to get attested and from which regulating bodies.

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