US Birth Certificate Attestation in Dubai

The idea of traveling or moving over to a new destination excites us all. The legal formalities involved in the process often tend to take all excitement away, though. If you travel to countries like Jordan, Maldives, or Madagascar, you won’t have to bear any such hassle. This is because they only need a passport and grant visa upon arrival. But suppose you are a US citizen aiming to move to the UAE. In that case, you are in for an exasperating process of document attestations—including your birth certificate, degree, and marriage certificate.

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Step # 1 Getting Certified True Copy from the Notary Public, USA

A notary public in the United States is a state government-authorized person whose role is to act as an impartial witness when original documents are copied and signed. This is the first stage of the entire process; after you confirm that your copy matches with the original US birth certificate, you can attach the copy of a Notarial certificate that states that the copy is accurate and true.

The problem is that not all notaries in the USA can do this job. Therefore, it’s better to take the help of a professional document attestation company that takes care of this.

Step # 2 Authentication from Secretary of State, USA

Next, you will be required to get your document authenticated by the Secretary of State of the concerned state from where you got the certificate.

Step # 3 Attestation from Department of State, USA

The Department of State is accountable for signing and issuing certificates under the US Department of State Seal. This department provides centralized authentication services to all US citizens residing in different states.

Step # 4 Legalization from UAE Embassy Washington DC, USA

Penultimately, you need to send the certificate to the UAE Embassy in Washington DC for legalization.

Step # 5 Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai, UAE

This is the last step of the US birth certificate attestation procedure. Once the UAE Embassy in the USA legalizes your documents, they should be returned to the UAE to be attested at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Benchmark Attestation can provide timely and reliable US birth certificate attestation services in Dubai so that you have peace of mind. Once you hand over your documents to us, you need to relax as our experts will get everything done for you.

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